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Pet Visits

My cat feeding, pet service means rather than taking your cat to a cattery I visit your pet in their own home.

This means no disruption and your cat is much happier.  I will go through your pets regime and ensure their normal routine continues.


I can make one or more visits a day I am completely flexible.


Pet visits available for all animals, whether its just for a day because of work commitments, weekends away or for a full fortnights holiday.


Home visits last for 15 minutes, your pet will be fed, watered, food and toilet area cleaned and of course played with.

I will be happy to also water plants, close curtains, turn lights on etc.




I can go on holiday and not worry, I know alison will take great care of my cats.

Thank you

Sam, bora & boozer owner

Really reliable service, I call when I cant get home from work, or I have to rush off on business and alison is there to help.

Great, thanks Julie

(Mollys owner)




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